Copa FlyZone Costa Rica 2014 – Wakeboard Competition

—Press release—

Copa FlyZone Costa Rica 2014 – Campeonato de Wakeboarding was a big success!

Lake Arenal, Costa Rica – The first Copa FlyZone (or FlyZone Cup), the “totally unofficial Costa Rican Wakeboarding Championship” was a huge success.
Set out to be a trial event to see where the local scene is at and if there is enough interest for a bigger event, turnout was about double from what expected and the ‘bigger event’ was already there!

Melissa Liscano. Photo - David MirandaView from the lake. Photo - Flyzone

With 34 participants in 4 categories (Juniors up to 14, Ladies, Men, and Men Advanced) and 16 finalists the day was packed with action.
On Saturday March 8 many Costa Rican wakeboarders showed up in Puerto San Luis on Lake Arenal for their first wakeboard contest. Some even for their first time wakeboarding ever!
Under perfect circumstances they battled for the highest places on the podium.

FlyZone’s Sander Werink: “Awesome to see our wake-scene growing! I’m overwhelmed by the number of people that showed up and all the positive reactions I received after the Copa. I was hoping to have 15-20 people participating. It soon looked like it would be more, then Red Bull got involved, and then the pressure was on to create the biggest and best wake-event in Costa Rica so far!”
Sergio Barquero, winner of the Men Advanced category, comments; “I’m so stoked! The first unofficial champ of Costa Rica. A cachete!”

The winners of the Copa were:
–      Crash of the day:               Guiliano Doninelli
–      Encouragement award:   Matías Arriola
–      1st Place Juniors:               Tomás Echandi
–      1st Place Women:              Melissa Liscano
–      1st Place Men:                    Arturo Echandi
–      1st Place Men Advanced: Sergio “Pipo” Barquero

Men Advanced podium. Photo - David MirandaJuniors podium. Photo - M. Rodiguez Beer

More pictures of the event can be found on FlyZone’s website.

The Copa FlyZone 2014 was organized by FlyZone Costa Rica and sponsored by Liquid Force, Red Bull, Lokotomy Design, Emad Electric Skateboards, and Hotel Puerto San Luis.

Starting dock. Photo - David Miranda
FlyZone Costa Rica is Costa Rica’s premier wakeboard school and camp, based on Lake Arenal in the province of Guanacaste. FlyZone is also official distributor for Costa Rica of Liquid Force wakeboards, StraightLine and more.
More information about FlyZone and wakeboarding in Costa Rica can be found on, on facebook (flyzonecostarica), or contact them at, or by telephone (00506) 8339-5876. The beginning of a new era.


Well, that just might be a bit exaggerated. Then again, maybe not. It all depends; a new era for what? Who knows what might come from this?! I, certainly, don’t have a clue!

I do know what you will find on this blog. Everything “Wakeboarding in Costa Rica”.
Why should you come and visit this pretty little Central American country, and wakeboard while you’re here? Why (and where) should you try wakeboarding if you live in Costa Rica? Pics and vids of national and international riders, of local events, of whatever I find interesting enough to post. Related to wake (though possibly (very) distant), of course. What’s happening in the local scene, the development of our sport  in this fantastic happy little tropical country.
And we’ll see whatever else might pop up here. It’s as big of a surprise for me as it is for you. That should keep it exciting for all of us!

OK, let’s go, and find out where this will take us!